About Marte Relling Uri

The jewely you find on this page are made by me- Marte Relling Uri. My brand is called Unik MRU, and in Norwegain Unik meand Unique. I choose this name because my pieces are made only one or a very few copies of each. I make new kind of jewelry every week and send it either out to a selected store or publish it here on the website for sale. My type of design range from classic, small and cute earrings to large, provocative necklaces. Every piece are made of precious Materials -Sterling Silver, 14 Carat Gold Fill, 14 Carat Gold, Vermeil, Freshwaterpearls, Gemstones and Swarovski Crystals. I also like to use fun details like real flowers (preserved in epoxy), Mother of Pearl, Organza bows, and charms like revolvers, angels, skulls and hearts.